Banquets and Catering


Sam's Italian is the perfect place to host your next event! Whether you have a group of 10 or a group of 50 we have the perfect backdrop and amazing food to make your event special.
Pizza Buffet
Assorted pizza, Garden Tossed Salad and Samoritos - $10.50 per guest
Add Penne Pasta - $1.50 per guest
Pasta Buffet
Choose any Pasta * with our Meat, Marinara or Alfredo Sauce, Garden Salad and Samoritos
$10.50 per person .Add meatballs, Italian Sausage or Chicken - $2.25 per guest
Add a second Pasta $1.50 per guest.
Lasagna Buffet
Choose our Meat Lasagna or Vegetarian Garden Salad and Samoritos - $11.25 per guest.
Add Meatballs or Italian Sausage +$1.25 Per Guest
Roasted Chicken Buffet
Roasted Chicken Marinated in Mama Sylvia’s special blend of spices accompanied with Green Beans, Rosemary Red Skins Potatoes, Garden Tossed Salad and Rolls
$13.50 per guest.
Add Penne Pasta - $1.50 per guest.
Chicken Bianco Buffet
Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast covered with our signature parmesan sauce accompanied with Normandy Blend Vegetables, Rosemary Red skin Potatoes, Garden Salad and rolls
$13.50 per guest.
Add Penne Pasta +$1.50 Per Guest


Hosting an event but don't want to worry about cooking too? Sam's Italian has you covered with a large selection of Ala Carte options available for pick-up!
Salad Choices
All Salads come with Two Dressings

Half Pan: $32.00
Full Pan: $64.00
Per Person: $2.25

Half Pan: $28.00
Full Pan: $56.00
Per Person: $1.75

Michigan Cherry
Half Pan $32.00
Full Pan $64.00
Per Person $2.25

Chicken Caesar
Half Pan $32.00
Full Pan $64.00

Salads Dressing with Two Choices
Pasta/Lasagna Choices
Half Pan: $35.00
Full Pan: $70.00

Chicken Alfredo
Half Pan: $44.00
Full Pan: $78.00

Half Pan: $28.00
Full Pan: $54.00

Baked Mostaccioli
Half Pan: $35.00
Full Pan: $67.00

Ravioli (Beef)
Half Pan: $38.00
Full Pan: $78.00

Lasagna – Meat
Half Pan: $38.00
Full Pan: $75.00

Vegetarian Lasagna
Half Pan: $38.00
Full Pan: $75.00

Italian Roasted Chicken $2.95 Per Person
Chicken Breast Parmesan $2.95 Per Person
Chicken Breast Biano $2.95
Vegetables and Potatoes
Green Beans $1.50 Per Person
Normandy Blend Vegetables $1.75 Per Person
Rosemary Red Skin Potatoes $1.75
Signature Samoritos – Our special creation using our own dough, fried, seasoned & served with our homemade meat sauce
Half Pan: $18.00
Full Pan: $33.00
Sinnoritos – If you love our Samoritos, try a sweet version topped with cinnamon, sugar, caramel with icing
Half Pan: $21.00
Full Pan: $36.00

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